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Lumen Prints

Shamelessly following Wolfgang Moersch the Magical German Chemist on Flickr I ran across his recent Lumen print series where he has coaxed some amazing colors from black and white paper. Always up for an experiment I put some of my vintage paper to the task. None are as good as his but still good fun.

I used some Kodak Velox paper. I would guess from the 1960s. These I arranged in a printing frame with various plant samples sandwiched with a sheet of thin Perspex on top. I left these in the sun for 2 hours. It was the waning evening sun after work. I then tried fixing and developing and toning them. The results are below...

This I developed very quickly (about 10 seconds) in Universal PQ developer before fixing. Hawthorne leaf.

This was fixed in Rapid Fixer. Juniper branch. The brown is some residual selenium toner.

Fern fixed in Rapid Fixer.

Another fern, this time toned in selenium 1+3 toner and fixed in Rapid Fixer.

Another juniper sprig fixed in Rapid Fixer.