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35mm film reloading success: Yashica Electro 35

One of my pet peeves about shooting 35mm is that film is only available in 36 exposure rolls. While this is economical I seldom shoot an entire roll in a day out. This usually means it sits around in my camera before it gets developed. My normal medium format cameras have 12-16 exposures which is just about right for my style of shooting. So a while back I bought a bargain reloader and found a huge stash of old 35mm canisters as well. I also bought 17m of Ilford FP4+ 35mm film. This is the smallest quantity I could find.

I started reloading 12 exposures per roll. This works out as I expected and I get through a roll in a few hours out shooting. I get home and develop it the same day and 12 exposures fits in one scanning run. Very nice and a success from a use standpoint for me. 35mm now makes more sense for me. Of course this is not the most economical way forward as you use up 3 exposures for leaders on each end of the roll. So 6 wasted exposures for every 12 useful ones. In the futu…