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California Vacation

Redington and I went on our annual (since my divorce) summer vacation. We traveled for two weeks in California visiting natural wonders, national parks, friends, and family. The last week we spent with our good friends the Kings. At the end of trip I would drop Redington off at LAX with his mother to fly over to her new home in England. (remember to click the pictures and maps for more detail.)
The first day we drove south and visited Oregon Caves National Monument near the Oregon/California border. Redwoods is in the vicinity of Crescent City famous for a tsumani in the 1950's.

Oregon-California Border

Redington at Oregon Caves

The most striking thing one notices when you arrive is the lodge and visitor center siding is the bark of redwoods. It is a striking unique look to the buildings. It is a wonder it hasn't caught on somewhere else.

The Unique Redwood Bark Siding

Inside the Caves

Then we went to spend the night in Redwoods National Park on the coast of northern California.