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A Day in Brugge Belgium

The week of Jan 15th through the 22nd of 2005 I spent on a business trip in Europe. It has been about 4 years (in March) since I was last in continental Europe. Shortly after Isabeau's death and at the time it turns out, Sarah was planning to leave me. At that time I spent 2 weeks in Europe on company business in a misguided idea of 'getting back in the saddle' after such a devastating loss, and out of a sense of gratitude for my company's support. Near the end of my trip Isabeau's headstone arrived back in Oregon and by a few accounts Sarah became even more despondent. I have often wondered how my absence so soon after Isabeau's death affected Sarah's actions later.

In any case this was the context for my visit. This visit ended in the same place as it did four years ago, Belgium, it also ended much better as my sweetheart came over for the weekend and we had a grand day in Brugge. Bless her for making me so happy.

If you find yourself in Belgium steer cle…

Antigua Visit

Antigua and Barbuda Flag

On Christmas day 2004 I flew from Portland to Antigua West Indies for a little break from the cold and rain. I flew on American Airlines due to the availability of frequent flier miles. This however is probably the worst airline to get from the Pacific Northwest to the Caribbean. It took something like 18 hours to get there and an overnight in Chicago on the way back. I flew from Portland, OR to Dallas, TX to San Juan, PR then to Antigua. Lots of time in the airports. Worth it in the end after I met my sweetheart who flew out to meet me from the UK. We had a grand time, relaxed, and fun.

Antigua is a British Commonwealth in the Leeward islands of the West Indies. It is actually two islands of Antigua and nearby Barbuda. Population is about 68,000 people. Below are a couple of maps to help. Look carefully as Antigua is a small island maybe 10 miles across.

Caribbean Map (look far right above Guadalupe)

West Indies (click on to enlarge)

Antigua Island (click on …