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North Norfolk Coast and the Fuji G617

Vicki and I traveled to the North Norfolk coast during a rare sunny weekend. I took along my Fuji G617 monster camera complete with rollbars as she calls them. The thing really is ridiculously huge.

The Norfolk coast is lovely but we have really been there only once before when we first moved to Cambridgeshire. This time again we headed for Wells-Next-The-Sea but detoured to Little Walsingham on a lark. It is known as a very popular medieval pilgrimage destination until Henry VIII had it torn down and sold in 1538 along with most Catholic monasteries of the time.

It is a beautiful little village and the shrines and religious sites have benefited from an early 20th century revival.  Many still come for pilgrimage and religious contemplation. We were blessed with a lovely day and a very uncrowded village. This was probably because in the good weather Wells and the surrounding beaches absorbed most of the hordes.  We counted ourselves lucky and visited the shrine and walked to the edge o…