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Move to Britain

After a hassled week of packing and moving I found myself at Portland Airport ready to depart to my new home in the UK. Here is my plane on the morning of Feb 17th. I felt surprising calm and not a little bit of excitement. When I started on my moving plans the excitement was mixed with good doses of fear as I began to cut my ties with home. Eventually though the excitement of being with Vicki and near Redington outweighed the uncertainty of a new job and home in a different part of the world. But it was still with great sadness as I leave my dad behind along with my old life.

The plans leading up to the move were complex as I had 5 weeks to prepare an international move, secure a work permit from the British government, get a work visa from the British consulate, and finish up my responsibilities at work. In the end everything happened exactly to schedule.

Bath is about 2 hours west of London along the M4. It is about 16 miles east of Bristol. Vicki and I live in her house on the west …