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Big Eye Gets 4x10

I had thought up an idea of modifying a dark slide to allow me to make two 4x10 panoramas on a single sheet of 8x10 film. I found this is not a new idea. It is referred to as an L-shaped dark slide. I cut it using a utility knife. It is shown below.

First the scene is composed on the ground glass to fit either the upper or lower half of the ground glass. The L-shaped darkslide is inserted after you remove the normal dark slide before the shutter is opened. Slide the L-shaped dark slide in to cover the opposite half that was composed on the ground glass. Snap the photo then remove the L-shaped dark slide  and insert the normal full sized darkslide. The tricky part is remembering which half has been exposed.

I took it out today to try it and got a couple of photos. The best one here. Contact printed on a half sheet of 8x10 Ilford MGIV Deluxe RC paper.
Here is an 8x10 of essentially the same scene for reference.

Still Life with Big Guy and Fomapan 100

Some more experiments and photos with the Big Eye (Big Guy) . Again on Fomapan 100. I don't really have the means to lug the camera about yet so having found Jim Galli's website he does some simple still life images which I find inspiring to give it a try.

The first is a small bronze horse statue on a table. I lit it with room light which was a mix of artificial and natural light. Basically I turned on the lights and opened the drapes! I metered it at ASA 80 and f8 at 4". For Fomapan the Reciprocity failure is very high. See the table below.

For 1-10 seconds I need to multiply the exposure by 2 so that makes it 8 seconds at f8. I developed it again in HC-110 this time I moved from 6 ml to 5 ml as there are different opinions on the amount of HC-110 required to develop a sheet of film. I mixed this at the same ratio as before (1+63) and so added 320 ml of water.  The development time was 8:06 minutes. This is the resulting negative.
Very good I think not too contrasty. Pri…