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Old Plus-X Large Format Film

One can find old large format film on ebay for some pretty good prices (£4 -25 sheet 4x5). The question is, is it any good? I had accumulated some Plus-X (ASA 125, expired 1968) and some Tri-X (ASA 320 Expired 1985).

I compare the Plus-X  to unexpired Fomapan 100 which is a very economical choice for B+W film. I find Fomapan to be a bit contrasty compared to Ilford Delta the only other large format film I have experience with. I ran this through my MPP MKIII large format. This is a camera I bid on but did not expect to win. I find it is rather intense and time consuming to use and as such is not good to use when you are out with others. Consequently it has seen limited use. The lens is a Fuji 210mm f5.6 which is a joy to use and reasonably priced.

I took identical photos with each film to compare. I rated the Plus-X at 2 stops slower to compensate for age. This gave me ASA 30 for the Plus-X. I stop it right down to f64 so exposures got out to 1 second on the Plus-X in daylight. Howev…