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Mt Adams Climb

Keith at work invited Redington and I to climb Mt Adams in the 18th and 19th of June. Understand that Redington considers any hike a Death March. Consequently I was surprised (shocked)that Redington was interested in the climb.

Mt Adams is part of the Cascades located in Southern Washington state. It is 12,270 ft (3751 meters) with numerous Glaciars and snowfields. Consequently Redington and I rented boots, crampons, and ice axes for the the climb. (Permits required)

Map of Portland and Mt Adams

We carpooled with Keith to the trailhead at 5,600 feet. We started the climb around 11:00 AM. There were eight of us pictured below. The weather outlook was uncertain so we left knowing we may have to turn around. It has been a wet summer in the Northwest this year. (Remember to click on the pictures for a bigger/clearer version)

The group of 8 ready to ascend the mountain (L-R): Sheldon, Bruce, Allan, Keith, Alice, Carol, Doug, Redington.(photo Bruce Holm)

Mt Adams from the trail

The Redington and …