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Mt Defiance Hike

Mt Defiance is located on the Columbia River Gorge 60 miles from Portland. It is reached by hiking from the Starvation Creek rest stop on Interstate 84 a few miles before yout reach Hood river driving from Portland. The trail is 6 miles to the top and climbs about 5,000 feet. I did the hike up in 3 hours with little rest and was sore the rest of the week. This is considered one of the most challenging dayhikes in Oregon and apparently is used as a warmup for Mt Hood or Mt Adams. As you can see the views are spectacular on a clear day. I did this hike in August of 2004.

Coast Range

Mt Adams on the right and Mt Ranier on the left about 90 miles away.

Mt Hood

Mt Adams

Gorge and Mt Adams
This is one of many views from Mt Defiance on the Columbia River Gorge. At the bottom is the Columbia River and Mt Adams is in the distance on the Washington side of the river.