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More Old School 2 Photos

These are ones I took in a couple of locations. The first 3 are from Solsbury Hill above Bath which is an old hillfort. The sun was setting and made for some good light.

This is looking east into St Cathrine's valley.

Looking north along the A46 the main road to the M4.

And west across Bath proper.

The next set were taken in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Here are Vicki and Redington taking the mick as I take too long setting up Old School.

A look down the hill with Vicki and Redington in the foreground.

A tree...

Bath at Night

I recently bought a second-hand Mamiya medium format film camera. They have become quite affordable with the advent of digital. This I now call Old School 2 (Grandpa's Nikon being Old School 1). It is actually quite fun and benefits from simplicity. Aperture, shutter speed, focus, click. The negatives are 2 1/4"x 1 3/4". When scanned (thanks Dad for the great gift) you can get between 70 and 100 megapixels. There is no instant gratification here and processing takes a week.

Below are my first efforts. These were taken at night in Bath. They take advantage of the long exposures allowed by film. Most of these are classic buildings and sights in Bath.

The picture above was taken at the Royal Crescent. So often photographed it is a bit cliched so I tried a view from the lawn looking up using the tree to obscure the harsh glare of the street lamp. I converted it o B&W as the yellow light seemed unnatural.

This is Pultney Bridge and weir. Another classic piece of Bath archite…

Morning Frost at Lansdown

Up above Bath is an area called the race course and Lansdown. Is is on top of a ridge as and as such gets moist air blown in from the Bristol Channel. Recently we have had a number of sub-freezing nights here in Bath, so Saturday morning I thought it would be good to see and photograph the resulting hoare frost up at Lansdown. Friday night I drove Redington down for his stay this weekend and the fog was thick and hoare frost already evident at about 9:30 that evening.

Vicki was away so the next morning only the two of us got up at sunrise and drove up the hill. The fog was clearing on the hill but as we headed for Sir Bevil Grenville's Monument the fog was still gathered there. Vicki was good enough to let Redington use her camera with a new wide angle zoom lens. I had my little Casio compact camera. It was a good chance to compare the two lenses. Some of the photos here allow you to do that.

We walked through the fog and the conditions were dismal in the fog for photography, low c…