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Sardinia Vacation

The last week of September 2004 I had the chance to visit Sadinia on vacation with some European friends of mine. They planned the trip and I got invited along. I had a great time and met some nice people.

The first question people ask is where is Sardinia? The map below explains.

Where is Sardinia? It is an Italian island in the Mediterranean below Corsica.

Sardinia has a long history of being swept by the tides of empire starting with the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Italian merchants. Herodotus in his book History refers to it as the largest island in the world. Ionian Greek refugees from Darius' king of Persia rampage in Anatolia sought new colonies here. Much later traders from the city-state of Genoa conquered the areas around Cagliari (pronounced like Calgary) for their solar salt ponds. This was the source of most of the city states trade wealth. When one lands in Cagliari today the mounds of salt can be seen and bags of the local salt may be purchased in local grocery sto…