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Turkey Summer Holiday August 2009: Ephesus

This summer Vicki, Redington, and I went to the coast of Turkey. We satyed near Bodrum a resort town poplular with Brits. It was in fact too popular and became a base for further exploration of the terrific archaeology in the area.

View of Bodrum from our Villa at Night

View of Bodrum from our Villa in the Morning

We traveled north to places like Miletos, Ephesus, and Priene.

This area was occupied in ancient times by a race of the indiginous people called Carians. It was also a part of the ancient Greek empires and colonies.

The most famous place we visited was Ephesus famed in Greek, Roman, and Christian history. In a phenomenal condition it was impressive even with the oppressive heat and crowds. The city used to be a port but is now miles from the Agean as the horbor silted over the centuries.

Hadrian's Temple

A Lintel with Greek Inscription

Vicki in Front of the Library of Celsus

The Impressive Struture of the Library of Celsus

View into the Mithriades Gate

View Down the Harbor Street