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Black and White Photos

Still on my film rampage. I have shot some B&W film around the UK. There is a lot of B&W film around though some makers like Agfa are out of business. I ordered some Fuji as this is more prevalent in the UK than Kodak. The company sent me a roll of Fomapan as well. Turns out Foma is Czech company from the Soviet days. They make film B&W film the old fashion way.

I took the Fomapan to North Yorkshire a few weeks ago when we visited Vicki's parents. On the way home we stopped by Rievaulx Abbey which was a Cisterian Abbey built around 1000 AD. It thrived for a few hundred years but was closed by Henry VIII during his reformation of the Catholic Church. It fell into ruins which are impressive even today. Vicki used to play in the ruins when she was growing up. It is now an English Heritage site.

On the ridge above the Abbey there are a series of follies.

Here is the Abbey from the Rye river valley floor.

It was mostly an overcast day at this point.

This is the view from the ri…