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Chianti Rocks

Last month Vicki and I visits our friends Cecelia and Dave in Florence. One day they took us out to a fantastic Sunday lunch at Lamole in Chianti. Afterwards we took a walk through the hills. It was a beautiful day. Here are some color photos from the hike.

Looking out over the Chianti from Lamole. Looks like some lens glare!
Still early spring so the grape vines are dormant.

Nice view of some farms as we head back to Lamole.

Behind the church at Lamole was a wonderful afternoon view.

Dave, Vicki, and Cecelia on the walk.

A not too well taken photo of Cecelia and Dave.

I took my Mamiya 645 which alllowed me to shoot color and black and white with changeable film backs. I carried a 45 mm f3.5 wide angle lens and an 80mm f1.9 normal lens.

A photo my brother took years ago in Tucson Arizona of a variety of desert plants amongst some rocks has made me conscious of what I call Natural Still-life. Trying to find satisfying compositions in the wild of a variety of things and composing a p…