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Bath at Night

I recently bought a second-hand Mamiya medium format film camera. They have become quite affordable with the advent of digital. This I now call Old School 2 (Grandpa's Nikon being Old School 1). It is actually quite fun and benefits from simplicity. Aperture, shutter speed, focus, click. The negatives are 2 1/4"x 1 3/4". When scanned (thanks Dad for the great gift) you can get between 70 and 100 megapixels. There is no instant gratification here and processing takes a week.

Below are my first efforts. These were taken at night in Bath. They take advantage of the long exposures allowed by film. Most of these are classic buildings and sights in Bath.

The picture above was taken at the Royal Crescent. So often photographed it is a bit cliched so I tried a view from the lawn looking up using the tree to obscure the harsh glare of the street lamp. I converted it o B&W as the yellow light seemed unnatural.

This is Pultney Bridge and weir. Another classic piece of Bath architecture. There are shops along the top of the bridge. This is just 100 yards from where I work.

This looking across Parade Gardens toward St John's church.

Here is Pultney Bridge again from the other side of the river this time. The spire is St Michael's Without which I walk past on my way to lunch or the barber's.

This is the Bath Abbey from across the river. They use mercury lights which give the bluish tinge.

Here is another view of Bath Abbey.

This is a small thermal spa bath in town.