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World War I (The Great War) Visit to France

Redington and I visited France again this Fall Half-Term break. This time we visited WWI battlefields in the Somme and near Ypres. In addition to the battlefields we got to practice our French and managed a few tasty meals.

I have deviated from my past blog style and and used Google photo albums as a new format. My blog is very photo (as opposed to text) oriented and as such Blogger is very slow when dealing with photos. The photo album format is much easier to build and edit and can be linked to the same old blog site.

I have used the captions in the photos to hold rather extensive text and so they work best when you click on a photo and then advance one photo at a time using the arrow buttons.

Click on the photo below to start this section.

Theis next section is about the memorials we visited. This was the most moving and sad part of the visit.

This is a short section of photos on the battlefields or what is left of them. Click on the photo below to start.

Here is a section on a Museum in Peronne L'Historial de la Grande Guerre.

Finally Redington and I had some extra time on the way back to Calais so we visited some WWII German rocket sites. Fascinating piece of history I was aware of, I thought all of the missles were to be launched from Germany in Peenemunde.